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Four mushroom hunters, Ivan, Peter, Sergey and Michael after walking off the forest show each other their trophies. Each showed type of the mushrooms he was collecting - Russules, Chanterelles, Saffron Milk Caps and Honey Agarics. They were collected into 4 baskets, with the weight of 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg и 15 hg.

  • Russules were not collected by Peter, a basket of Russeles was heavier, then the basket of Chanterelles
  • Chanterelles were not collected by Ivan, a busket of Chanterelles was heavier, then the basket of Saffron Milk Caps
  • Saffron Milk Caps were not collected by Sergey, and a busket of Saffron Milk Caps was heavier, then the basket of Honey Agarics
  • Sergey had the lightest basket, while Michael had the heaviest
Which mushrooms collected each hunter and what was the weight of the corresponding basket?

Ivan Peter Sergey Michael

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This riddle was taken from the "500 scanwords" book.