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After party

Four men decided to buy flowers for their girlfriends. Next day, after party, they couldn't remember which gift was made for whom. They could only remember, that:

  • Each girl got one unique bouquet
  • All bouquets were different
  • Yuri has never seen Kate, nor Mary
  • Dmitry couldn't afford buying roses
  • Andrey never made a gift to Olga nor Mary
  • George initially thought about making a gift to Lena or Kate, but then changed his mind
  • Neither Lena nor Olga have ever seen Dmitry
  • Kate never got her favorite mimoses
  • Andrey didn't buy neither gladioluses nor carnations
  • Neither Lena nor Olga got roses
  • Yuri didn't have enough time to buy gladioluses
  • George remembers seeing bouquets of carnations and mimoses in hands of his friends
  • Marina never got expected gladioluses nor carnations
  • Lena told her friend, that she "never got so cheap mimoses
Friends now have a morning headache and asked you to help them to recall everything.

Kate Olga Mary Lena
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