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School girls

Four school girls - Masha, Lida, Jenny and Kate play different musical instruments - harp, grand piano, guitar and violin, one for each girl. They also know different languages - English, French, German and Spanish, each girl knows only one.

  • It's known, that a girl, who plays a guitar also speaks Spanish.
  • Lida never played a violin nor harp and doesn't know English.
  • Masha doesn't play a violin nor guitar and doesn't speak English.
  • A girl, who speaks German doesn't play a harp.
  • Jenny knows French, but doesn't play a harp.
Which instrument does every school girl play and which language she knows ?

Masha Lida Jenny Kate
Musical instrument

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Exercise #58 from "Math. Additional topics." book for 5th grade (2001). Author - Smekalova.E.V.