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Misc. stuff - various useful genealogical and historical materials about Pskov and Pskov region, which I have collected (in Russian).

1850-1914. Population of the Staroselie village, Novorzhev area of the Pskov region (in Russian)

As a result of 2-years research of the microfilms with "metric" books of the "Nickolaevskaya" church for the period from 1850 to 1914, I have created few genograms of population of the Staroselie village, Novorzhev area of the Pskov region, where my ancestors used to live in. Besides Staroselskiy's, there were few other last names, that the genogram contains - Saveliev, Kolosov, Barkanov, Barkhatov, Amelianov, and also few families from Novorzhev itself - Molotkov and Alekhnovich. Unfortunately, some of these metric books never reached us, and also peasants of the village didn't have or use last names until the beginning of 20th century. Therefore, I cannot guarantee a lack of mistakes here, as sometimes I had to make assumptions, based on indirect criteria. However, this is the best I could do, having such data.

1884-1908. Population of the Gubishi village, Opochka (Pushkinskie Gory) area of Pskov region (in Russian)

Besided, I went through microfilms with metric books of "Krestovozdvizhenskaya" and "Michailo-Archangelskaya" churches (Velie) for the period between 1884 and 1908, and created a genogram for Gubizhi village of Opochka (Pushkinskie Gory) area of the Pskov, where my paternal grandmother's ancestors were from

Known family last names

I have been studying my family history for more than 20 years, my current genealogy tree consists of 1200+ persons. If couple or more of the following names sounds familiar to you, and you think you may be a part of our big family - please, don't hesitate to contact me to find out.

  • Staroselskiy's branch - Amelin, Barkhatov, Bratsev, Grigoriev, Egorov, Efimov, Kogut, Kolosov, Kudryavtsev, Molotkov, Mozhaev, Repin, Saveliev, Semenov, Staroselskiy (Staroselsky, Starosselski), Shovgenov, Zakharov, Zenov
  • Shubin's branch - Nickolaev, Pantin, Shubin, Tolmachev
  • Smirnov's branch - Feldman, Lakhov, Larshin, Lisitsky, Migel, Moiseenko, Neskoromny, Petruk, Smirnov, Zaytsev
  • Golubev's branch - Agafonov, Golubev, Ivanov
  • Platonov/Baykov's branch - Batanov, Baykov, Gorin, Kirsanov, Kozlov, Kolmakov, Korablev, Lakeev, Oleynik, Platonov, Proskuryakov, Rudenko, Savin, Smirnov, Stepanov, Hilinsky, Khlebalov, Tscelischev (Celischev), Shavitov, Yakovlev
  • Zenov's branch - Filatov, Zenov
  • Belov's branch - Antonov, Belov, Gerasimov, Nickolaev, Osipov
  • Pisanov's branch - Ilyin, Izotov, Pisanov, Sorokin, Vorinov
  • Sonnykh's branch - Borovokov, Bychkov, Dovidenko, Iventiev, Mashkov, Milykh, Palchikov, Perfiliev, Rybkin, Sonnykh, Vinogradov, Zelenin
  • Boyko - (no other names yet)
  • Larshin's branch - Cheprasov, Kobzev, Krotov, Larshin, Pogorelov, Semenov, Sidyakin
  • Lisitskiy's branch - Bukhtoyarov, Grigoriev, Lisitskiy (Lisickiy), Senich
  • Kachkovy's branch - Doroshenko, Kachvov, Matyushkin
  • Shevchenko's branch - Mavrin, Tsygankov, Shevchenko, Zverev
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