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Vasya's learning rules

You have an unique possibility to teach Vasya with new phrases and messages. The only thing you need to do is to enter a phrase for Vasya into "Message" field and keywords into "Keywords" field. Few rules:

  • Keywords are comma-separated
  • Length of each word must be at least 4 characters
  • One of the keywords must be "Vasya" (without quotes). It will be automatically skipped and for robot-prevention purposes only.
  • Before you enter new phrase, it's advisable to check for duplicates. If Vasya didn't find an answer - you are welcome to enter it, otherwise you better check various combinations, because Vasya chooses a random one out of all possible answers.
  • At this moment Vasya understands Russian and English keywords only. The only reason is because MySQL regexp statements don't work with multi-byte UTF-8 codepage, therefore check is performed in 1251.
  • Certain words are blocked. Please, do not teach him with bad words - I better do that myself... :)
  • An author, site owner or other right-delegated persons may remove any phrase or keywords from Vasya's dictionary without a warning, and/or block this ability any minute for certain IP, subnet or whole Internet, depending on the situation
  • Have fun! :)